A Taste of Revenge

Sofia Castrillón is a high-powered career and well-respected woman in the business industry who has everything any woman would dream of. She founded MG Grand Business & Co. with her best friend, Ana Gaston. Sofia and Ana have been inseparable since their College years. They have been there for each other in their highs and lows – she thought they shared a strong, deep bond that tied them together, a friendship that would be unbreakable.

Then Lucio Nieves unexpectedly came into her life, bringing her happiness she had never known before. She found love and a best friend she could trust – she had nothing to ask for. But when jealousy arises, and hate overcomes love, everything she has suddenly fallen apart.

Dark secrets, hidden lies, and envy broke the bond of two successful entrepreneurs and caused a woman to lose all she had.

A modern-day story of passion, love, and betrayal.

Love in Between

Love in Between is the second poems and short stories collection of Mercy Jane Porquez Ballesteros. It is a compilation of classic and contemporary poems. The short stories reveal a lot about human relationships, the concept of love, and how humans behave in it. It is inspired by the different emotions of love, for love manifests itself in many forms.

At times, it can only be conveyed through words, exploring life's lessons and suppressed passions.

Hey, You're Mine

A successful businesswoman recovering from a painful breakup embarks on a business trip where she unexpectedly falls for a famous actor. As their romance blossoms amidst professional challenges and personal insecurities, they navigate the complexities of love, trust, and the pursuit of starting a family together.

Dating My Ex

After losing the woman of his dreams, a world renowned architect tries to win her back by making her fall in love with him – all over again.